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Spot the Dinosaurs by the American Museum of Natural History

A new publication by the American Museum of Natural History, Spot the Dinosaurs: A Lift-the-Flap Book of Colors presents a new approach to dinosaur board books. While the flaps remind me of dinosaur books like DinoBlock, Spot the Dinosaurs focuses more on learning colors as opposed to simply learning the names of dinosaurs. My only conundrum with the book is that paleontologists don't actually know if a stegosaurus was red or if a triceratops was yellow---and perhaps that doesn't matter since many illustrators take an artistic license when it comes to illustrating, but I wonder if the book could have made it clearer to children that while there may have been yellow, red, green, blue, or purple dinosaurs, to name a few, paleontologists don't know for sure.

Overall, an exciting introduction to colors and dinosaurs for little ones and thankfully for us parents, the book gives a breakdown of how to pronounce dinosaur names like sinosauropteryx!


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