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Simply Small Series: Totty by Paola Opal

The iPhone isn't very glamorous but I wanted to give a sense of proportion. I haven't seen many board books that are only 4x7 inches and because of that, Totty really stood out in the bookstore. I think little ones will find Totty the turtle to be very cute and I enjoyed the color pallet on the final page. What really drew me to the book was its size!

Lighter than other board books, it's easy to fit in a diaper bag and because of its size and weight it's easy for little hands to carry. The shape of it almost reminds me of a pamphlet but in board book format.

Other board books in the series by Paola Opal and published by Simply Read Books include: Zingy, Emma, Pippy, Dotty, Cheera, Ollie, Saffy, Perry, Spookie, Tecka, and Bitsy.



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