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Pandas by Gail Gibbons

Holiday House sent me this lovely board book by Gail Gibbons and now that my website is back up and running I can finally share it with you! Animal and nature-themed board books are always on my list of favorites and especially when they're full of informative, age-appropriate information. A board book that isn't just illustrated with cute pandas (although, the pandas are undoubtably cute!) -- Pandas is a board book that will keep little ones curious. For instance, little ones will learn how heavy pandas usually are and that while they can smell and hear very well, they don't see much. Other interesting facts include how a panda doesn't open its eyes until about forty days after birth and that at about two years of age a panda will begin living on its own.

A really well done board book and one that little ones and adults will enjoy.

Thank you again to Holiday House for sharing it with me!


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