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Our Little Adventures by Tabitha Paige

I finally got around to ordering Our Little Adventures by Tabitha Paige and let me tell you! These are gorgeous! Packaged as a boxed set, Our Little Adventures is meant to grow with children. For example, the author suggests that while the text might be too long for a child who's 0-2, children can still enjoy looking at the illustrations, pointing to what they see, or repeating words. When children reach the 3-4 age range, they will be able to comprehend the stories more fully and ask questions. And while children are usually done with board books by five, the author recommends that children 5 and up begin to read the books on their own. I would say that the text is too advanced for most five year olds, but if it's a story they've grown up with and they're used to it, it might be easy to read at least some of the words.

Written in rhyme, A Trip to the Forest follows a hedgehog, a deer, a raccoon, a bear, a fox, and a bird as they help Squirrel find her lost nuts. The illustrations are really stunning and readers will notice that quantities throughout the book (more, few, all, some, many, none, handful, a lot, and plenty) are underlined as a way to have a conversation with children about quantities. The back of the book also includes recommendations for learning activities.

In A Trip to the Wildflower Meadow, Mouse's friend Rabbit sets out to bring Mouse some get well flowers. With an emphasis on colors and numbers, children will be introduced to a variety of flowers like roses, wildflowers, daisies, poppies, verbena, ferns, and of course a handful of tiny meadow creatures such as spiders, ladybugs, bees, and caterpillars.

Lastly, in A Trip to the Farmer's Market, readers will follow Fox as Fox heads off to collect a variety of herbs and produce for a picnic to celebrate a visit from Owl. Words in A Trip to the Farmer's Market draw attention to spacial awareness by underlining words like inside, underneath, behind, on top, next to, or nearby.

A lovely series and while I would have preferred the emphasized words to be put in bold as opposed to being underlined (at times more than once) I just love how stunning Tabitha Paige's illustrations are and you can see from every page how much thought and devotion went into making this beautiful series!

A perfect spring addition to a child's bookshelf or for those looking for Easter basket ideas, I think the boxed set will just fit!



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