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Oh Baby It's a Clear Lake & Oh Mother How Funny by Vicki Toups Sheaffer & Kristie Kaiser Frudden

Thank you to author Vicki Toups Sheaffer and illustrator Kristie Kaiser Frudden for sending me a copy of Oh Mother How Funny and Oh Baby It's a Clear Lake.

To give you a bit of a backstory, Oh Mother How Funny was inspired by Eliza Lee Cabot Follen's poem, Oh Look art the Moon! An American poet born in the late 1700, Follen's poem is below.

Oh! look at the moon,

She is shining up there;

Oh! Mother, she looks

Like a lamp in the air.

Last week she was smaller,

And shaped like a bow;

But now she's grown bigger,

And round as an O.

Pretty moon, pretty moon,

How you shine on the door,

And make it all bright

On my nursery floor!

You shine on my playthings,

And show me their place,

And I love to look up

At your pretty bright face.

And there is the star

Close by you, and maybe

That small, twinkling star

Is your little baby.

In Oh Mother How Funny you'll notice similarities between the two as Sheaffer's version also marvels at the moon and its shape. With lovely illustrations by Krisite Kaiser Frudden it's nice to see a classic poem being passed on to the next generation with a new twist!

In Oh Baby It's a Clear Lake, readers will notice the dreamy feel to each page and how blissful the child illustrated throughout the story seems as she spends her day exploring.

Captivating readers with its creamy illustrations and focus on a slower-paced childhood filled with possibilities, Oh Baby It's a Clear Lake is an adorable board book for any nursery bookshelf.


To purchase either of these board book tap here.


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