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New Release: The Cookies Book of Colors by Holly Fox

With our son being almost five and a half he's not too interested in board books anymore but when our two and a half year old daughter sat down to look at The Cookies Book of Colors the two kids couldn't get enough of it. A book full of cookies? What could be more exciting? Well, real cookies of course would be more exciting, but they were so excited to see the pictures that I think they completely forgot about wanting real cookies.

Full of cherries, watermelons, apples, leaves, butterflies, school buses, pencils, frogs umbrellas, clouds, raindrops, octopuses, bubbles, and lastly rainbows, The Cookies Book of Colors knows just how to capture the attention of little ones (both by the vibrant pictures as well as by the subject matter). I also like how even though adults know the book is full of decorated cookies, a 9 month old, 12 month old, or even 15 month old who likely hasn't started eating cookies yet, can still appreciate the pictures solely as pictures of fruits or leaves or frogs etc.

Also, what a fun party favor this book would be for a kids cookie-decorating party!



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