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New Publication: Woodland Dance! by Sandra Boynton

Thank you to Workman Publishing for sending me a copy of Woodland Dance! This has to be one of my favorite Sandra Boynton board books yet. In Boynton's usual energetic and rhythmic writing style, Woodland Dance! begins with a fox standing on top of a hill with a bugle. Giving it a loud blow that reaches across the forest there is a sudden commotion amongst all the woodland creatures. "Did you hear?" they say to each other -- "the Big Dance is soon!" Racing to a clearing, readers can see the animals going two by two with eager, wide-eyed expressions.

Full of humor that comes from Boynton's clever illustrations of facial expressions and depiction of motion, Woodland Dance! is full of fun that will amply thrill little ones. I particularly laughed at the two animals wearing sunglasses.

As always, enjoy!


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