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New Publication: The Babies and Kitties Book

For anyone who loves kittens, babies, more kittens, more babies, and kittens and babies together, you've come to the right place. Our son loved The Babies and Doggies Book when he was a toddler and there's so much to love about this new addition by John Schindel & Molly Woodward. For one, the up-close photographs really catch the readers attention, and for little ones, I've always found that infants and young toddlers are particularly drawn to images or illustrations that take up an entire page of a book.

As the reader sees similarities between babies and kittens, children will love trying to jump like a kitten, stretch like a kitten, explore, make silly faces, nap, and so on. A book that will brighten up your child's day, as well as yours, we're going to add it to our pile of board books that make us laugh.

What are some of the funniest board books you've read? I'd love to hear!


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