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Little Pumpkin by Suzanne Fossey & Illustrated by Gisela Bohórquez

It's that time of year! These warm days in New England definitely still have a touch of summer to them but cold mornings, perfectly blue skies, and hints of foliage are signaling that fall is coming. Unlike other pumpkin-themed board books that focus on jack-o-lanterns, the picking of pumpkins, and Halloween, Little Pumpkin gives little ones the lifecycle of a pumpkin. With bright and smiley illustrations of a tiny pumpkin seed, children will see how the seed's roots develop beneath the ground until a shoot begins to form above the surface.

A delightful series of illustrations that give Little Pumpkin an animated and energetic personality, I particularly like how the final page gives an even more in-depth description of a pumpkin seed's lifecycle (illustration below) for slightly older children.

A wonderful new addition to fall-themed board books. Thank you to Igloo Books for sharing it with me!



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