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Let's Talk, Baby... by Stephanie Ciatti

Ninewiese Publishing sent me a copy of Let's Talk Baby... and here it is! A board book that's designed to help parents support a child's speech and language development in addition to naturally promoting a stronger parent-child bond, Let's Talk Baby... has a page full of tips for parents like 1. Allow your baby to watch your mouth form the words. 2. Talk slowly, exaggerate vowels, and animate your voice to engage your baby and motivate baby talk or babble. The list goes on!

The board book also includes a list of early speech sounds that are easy for babies to produce and that are found frequently in most words. After the initial first two pages of the book, Let's Talk Baby... is very simple in terms of content as well as illustrations. For example, in the illustration below you'll see "hi mama! hi dada" on one side followed by two whales on the other. The rest of the board book follows this pattern of bubble text on one side and illustrations of a whale, or whales, on every page except one after that.

What I like about Let's Talk Baby... is that it not only encourages families to read to little ones, but highlights ways to approach speech with them. My one hesitation towards the book is that so much of it is taken up by large text. Babies, while they might notice the shapes of the text, are not going to start memorizing or reading words until a much later point in development. Because of this I don't think it's necessary to take up so much of the book with large text. Perhaps a better use of that space would have been to provide additional illustrations that invite a verbal response from babies.

Thank you again to Ninewise Publishing for sharing this with me! I look forward to seeing more board books published by you!

Let's Talk, Baby... can be purchased here.



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