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Go, Boats, Go!

I've been so excited for the release of this book! Our daughter loves Go, Bikes, Go! and Go, Boats, Go! is just as fun. With vibrant, and creatively playful illustrations by Alexander Mostov, Go, Boats, Go! will bring back memories of Go Dog Go as author Addie Boswell cleverly presents readers with a plethora of, well, boats not dogs, but readers will easily pick up on the similarities between the two books.

Big boats and little boats, boats that pedal and boats that that search and boats that spy...and even boats that fly! With a focus on the Pacific Northwest, Northwesteners will also be quick to notice some familiar friends.

Such a fun book for kids (and adults!) and I'm especially thankful to Little Bigfoot for the opportunity to review it!

Enjoy! What are some of your favorite boat board books or picture books?


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