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Five Little Ducks & Pop a Little Pancake by Annie Kubler & Sarah Dellow

Five Little Ducks and Pop a Little Pancake arrived on my doorstep last week and they are so much fun. With three bars of music on the back cover, parents will quickly recognize how to transform story time into a time for movement and singing. What I particularly like about Five Little Ducks in comparison to other Five Little Ducks board books I've seen is that (as you can see from the cover) the ducks are kids! This adds to the fun throughout the book as little ones might want to act out the story just like the children do in the book. A particularly fun activity if little ones have siblings to act out the story with, or as a preschool classroom activity.

Pop a Little Pancake is also a lot of fun with its vibrant colors and illustrative creativity. With sturdy pages and large illustrations, little ones will be bouncing, jumping, humming, hugging, laughing and clapping by the end.



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