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Fall Board Books: Part 1!

When it comes to seasonal board books, those with a fall theme always top my favorites list. Here are three to get the season going.

The last board book in The Very Hungry Caterpillar seasonal series, this board book shows little ones the variety of ways to enjoy fall outside, accompanied by Caterpillar. From leaves changing from green to red, orange and gold, to putting on a warm sweater, collecting pinecones, listening to the wind, watching the squirrels search for acorns, finding a feast of pies, and ending up at a farm with friends, fall is full of fun. A lovely board book and a wonderful first introduction to fall for little ones.

2. The Ghosts Went Floating by Kim Norman & Illustrated by Jay Fleck

Written to match the cadence of the popular children's song, The Ants Go Marching, this board book is bound to give little ones a smile -- and a lot of practice counting from one to ten. Filled with ghosts, silly skeletons, witches, mummies, fuzzy, not-too-scary-looking werewolves, zombies, goblins (which remind me of Dobby the House Elf) vampires, ghouls, and monsters, The Ghosts Went Floating is full of amusement as it includes text like "Boo-rah! Boo rah!" followed by silly, not-so-scary illustrations.

Every time I see a new Peter Rabbit board book I get very excited. The illustrations are so wonderful and there's always so much to notice on each page. In Trick or Treat, Peter helps his sisters collect leaves, berries, and flowers for their Halloween costumes. Being a very good big brother, Peter makes sure that Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton-tail's costumes are all ready to go. In the process, however, Peter loses time to make his own costume, and things don't turn out too well. Seeing how thoughtful Peter had been towards his sisters, Mrs. Rabbit appears with a last-minute gift for Peter. A few minutes later Peter joins his sisters wearing a great big pumpkin. The perfect trick-or-treating costume for the Halloween trail.



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