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Coming Soon: Sumo Counting and Sumo Opposites by Sanae Ishida

Thank you to Little Bigfoot for sending me copies of Sumo Counting and Sumo Opposites! This blending of counting in Sumo Counting and opposites in Sumo Opposites with glimpses of Japanese culture is a lot of fun. With one English word per page in Sumo Opposites, each word is followed by the Japanese translation as well as the word written out in Japanese. For families who are not familiar with the pronunciation of Japanese words my one complaint is that the book doesn't provide a phonetic translation. I think that would have been helpful for many families.

In Sumo Counting there's more text but the only words that are translated into Japanese are the numbers, which is a good amount for little ones in my opinion. With vibrant, cheerful illustrations, which is a lovely trait of Little Bigfoot books, I enjoyed the creativity behind both board books and the thought that was given to presenting children with a glimpse into parts of Japanese culture and traditions. Additional Japanese vocabulary can be found in the back of Sumo Counting.



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