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Coming Soon! Rainy Days by Deborah Kerbel & Illustrated by Miki Sato

Another lovely board book is coming soon thanks to Pajama Press, author Deborah Kerbel, and illustrator Miki Sato! If you aren't familiar with Kerbel's other board books in the series, Kerbel is the author of Windy Days, Sunny Days, and Snow Days. In Kerbel's newest addition to the series, Rainy Days is a delightful ode to the liveliness of childhood and the possibilities that await, even on a rainy day. Written in rhyme, Kerbel's ability to weave words together is so delightfully satisfying that while the illustrations are just as equally captivating and satisfying, a child could easily listen to Rainy Days with their eyes closed and still feel that excitement to play and explore on a rainy day. From puddles, to streams for boats and submarines, rainy soup pots, worms and snails, umbrellas, and a good stack of books when it starts to thunder and lighting, Rainy Days emphasizes for little ones that rain is a necessary and possibility-filled component to life.



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