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Coming Soon: Hello, Meadow! by Terry Pierce & Illustrated by Nadja Sarell

A big thank you to Yosemite Conservancy for the copy of Hello, Meadow! This lovely, 14 page board book introduces little ones to the concept of protecting nature, or more specifically, meadows! Meadows are a natural habitat for all kinds of plants and wildlife and with our help they can remain that way for generations. With detailed illustrations that highlight the vibrancy of meadows, Hello, Meadow! gives families some excellent illustrated examples of how to be a good steward of nature. Staying on trails, not stepping on flowers (or chasing after wildlife), keeping one's distance from animals, drawing pictures of nature or taking a photo instead of picking flowers, not littering and not feeding animals are all ways to help preserve a natural environment.

Here's an excerpt: "Meadows are such busy places. Grasses, creatures, open spaces. But meadows can get hurt, you see. Let's do our part to let them be." A board book that I think voices the sentiments of so many parents and teachers, Hello, Meadow! will be an excellent resource for schools and families as they set out to raise caring, wildlife-loving, nature-enthusiasts.


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Terry Pierce
Terry Pierce
31 mar 2023

Thank you for the lovely review, Kelsey. I'm so glad you enjoyed the book!

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