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Coming Soon! By Myself! & Too Green! by Sumana Seeboruth & Illustrated by Maribel Castells

I'm excited to show you the covers of two board books (published by Barefoot Books) that will be hitting shelves in August. Too Green! and By Myself! are part of the feelings and firsts series by Sumana Seeboruth and Maribel Castells. My review of their two earlier board books, That's Mine! and Undies, Please can be found here.

Too Green! presents little ones (and parents) with a story that will undoubtedly sound familiar...the story of a child who refuses to eat something green. Cue thoughts of Dr. Seuss's famous Green Eggs and Ham and you'll get the plot idea. Written in rhyme, the boy in the story won't eat anything green until he tries dipping his favorite bread into the green soup. Alas, it's delicious! Yum, yum, yum! The goal after reading Too Green! is, of course, to get your little one to eat something green with as much ease as the boy in the board book did.

In By Myself! a girl is set on getting dressed all by herself. For anyone who has a determined toddler, this board book is for you! Filled with illustrations that highlight the trial and error process that toddlers and young children go through to accomplish something by themselves, By Myself! emphasizes perseverance, but also shows children that it's ok to accept help. Sometimes it takes helping others (in this case the girl helps her big sister with a zipper) to realize that when you offer to help someone it's often reciprocated in a beautiful way. The girl helped her big sister and in turn the big sister helped her little sister comb her hair and find patience when striving to accomplish a task that was causing frustration. After all, getting dressed really isn't as easy as it's cracked up to be. Just ask a toddler.

Thank you to Barefoot Books for the advanced copies! All four board books in the feelings and firsts series are also available in Spanish. You can find them here.



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