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Coming in 2022! Wildflowers Grow & Butterflies Soar by Amber Hendricks & Illustrated by Gavin Scott

I received these two beautiful board books from Amicus Publishing and I'm still oohing and aahing over both of them! With incredibly precise, rhythmic text, reading Wildflowers Grow and Butterflies soar is like singing a song. The illustrations are close-up and detailed and the color pallet throughout both board books portrays a vibrance in nature that every child will want to absorb. Here's an excerpt from Wildflowers Grow: "Down, down, deep. Little seeds asleep. Drop, drop, drip. Waking sip by sip." Below are two illustrations from Wildflowers Grow.

In Butterflies Soar, I love how the first page is full of caterpillars inching along blades of grass. Children will quickly get a sense of how lively and colorful nature is! The caterpillars are also very busy---they munch, they crunch, they knit and weave, and they change every day until...a butterfly appears!

Thank you again to Amicus Publishing for sharing these with me! They're spectacular!


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