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Bruno Builder Bakes Bread & Ketchup On My Sundae by Nelleke Verhoeff

I see a lot of board books, but it's not every day I see split-page board books. These two recent publications written and illustrated by Nelleke Verhoeff, allow little ones to not only make the top and bottom half of each page match, but to explore the possibility that Bruno Builder (for example) might also like to bake, or paint, or ride waves, or fight fires, and so forth. Fay Florist (another character in Bruno Builder Bakes Bread) normally arranges flowers (if you match the top and the bottom pages together), but by flipping a couple of the bottom pages, little ones will see that Fay Florist can also fly fast, spin in a pirouette, or snap photos.

While Bruno Builder Bakes Bread focuses on people and different jobs, Ketchup On My Sundae focuses on different food combinations. Ketchup on a sundae? Mayonnaise on couscous? Tomato sauce in hot chocolate? None of the above, please! But fried eggs on rice, sweet strawberries on pie, or gooey marshmallows on a cupcake? Yes please! For parents with picky eaters, I may have just found the perfect board book for your little one(s). After all, who wouldn't want to try broccoli on pizza, or on a taco, or on...cake? Okay, maybe not on cake---but when little ones get laughing, (or making faces of disgust) about food possibilities, there's no knowing what they'll want to try next! I can definitely say that Ketchup On My Sundae will get the creative food-possibility-juices flowing---for you and your little one(s). Beware though! The next time your toddler asks for fruit on pasta you'll know why!

Thank you to Barefoot Books for sharing these with me!



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