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Board Books for Easter

With Easter just around the corner, I'm squeezing in one last post with some Easter board books from ZonderKidz. This trio of egg-shaped board books is the perfect size for an Easter basket and little ones will absolutely love how light and easy they are to hold.

In A Prayer for Easter a sheep trots about the countryside while the text emphasizes thankfulness for Easter, Spring, rain clouds, puddles, flowers, bees, and other elements of nature. The end of the book concludes with "Thank you, God for who you are and loving everyone."

In Spring is Here a chick is seen hatching from its eggs. Written in rhyme, little ones will see wooly lambs, fluffy clouds, a blue sky, and at the end of the book an illustration of Jesus with the text "Spring is here! Wake up, world! Jesus makes all things new."

The last book in the trio (sold individually) is Happy Easter. As bunnies hop, bees buzz, and chicks snuggle with their mama, this little board book celebrates Christ's resurrection as it ends with "Happy Easter, Happy Easter! We're happy Jesus is alive."

Lastly, I'd also like to feature Bunny Finds Easter by Laura Sassi with illsutrations by Ela Jarzabek.

A board book that is a nice mix of traditions that little ones love -- like going on an Easter egg hunt -- and the meaning of Easter. As bunny wakes to a beautiful day she asks herself "But what is Easter?." Bunny will then go about her morning eating breakfast, decorating eggs, picking flowers, participating in an Easter Egg hunt, and going to church. Towards the end of church bunny realizes that Easter is about Jesus. "He's what Easter's all about!"

A board book that's full of vibrant colors and all kinds of flowers and wildlife for little ones to notice, Bunny Kinds Easter is a great resource for parents who are just starting to discuss the meaning of Easter with their little one(s).

Snuggle Time Easter Stories is another board book by ZonderKidz that I've featured. It can be found here.

Thank you once again to ZonderKidz for sharing their board books with me!


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