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And Then Came Hope by Stephen Savage

Thank you to Holiday House for sending me a copy of And Then Came Hope by Stephen Savage. When my son was little he was a big fan of Little Tug and now my daughter loves And Then Came Hope. Packed with memorable characters like Barge, Submarine, Ferry, Aircraft Carrier, and Little Dory, these friends are in need of some tender loving care when Barge gets bonked and everyone else comes down with a cold. Sending out an SOS, help isn't far away as Hope arrives with a bandage for Barge, a blanket for shivering submarine, medicine for feverish Ferry and coughing Aircraft Carrier, and something special for Little Dory. Already feeling better the friends realize that if they ever feel unwell again, Hope will always be there.

A book that will resonate with every family who's ever been touched by disease, And Then Came Hope is a reminder of the power of kindness, friendship, and hope.



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