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A Spring Stroll In The City by Cathy Goldberg Fisherman with Illustrations by Melanie Hall

Spring is in full swing and thanks to Familius Publishing, I have A Spring Stroll in the City to share with you. A counting book from one to ten, children will see a shamrock, kites, bunches of tulips, shops, matzo boxes, bunnies, colorful eggs, straw sombreros, puppies and kittens and people dancing. Melanie Hall's illustrations are beautifully crafted and really draw the reader in to the details. I often catch myself looking at the illustrations wondering what her illustrative process is.

I think I would have preferred to see the page with puppies and kittens substituted for something more specific to spring such as chicks hatching or birds in a nest, but I suppose you really can't go wrong with puppies and kittens. The page with bunnies (below) is definitely my favorite.

A perfect spring-themed board book for little ones as they continue to observe the world around them and soak in the seasonal changes. It also goes without saying that a board book like this will certainly inspire little ones to make their own observations about spring the next time they head outside.



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