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3 Winter Board Books

A snowy day here on the East Coast calls for a winter post.

1. Little Snowflake by Igloo Books

A board book written from the perspective of a snowflake, children will come away from Little Snowflake with a better understanding of the life cycle of a snowflake. With adorable illustrations and rhythmic text Little Snowflake is a fun one to read. It seems a bit long to me for a board book, but like all board books they are published with a specific audience in mind and I'd say that audience is 2-3 year olds.

2. Who's Hiding in the Snow? by Katharine McEwen

For little ones who like flaps you've come to the right place! Who's Hiding in the Snow? has over 20 flaps and they're all quite sturdy (as far as flaps go). From the Asian tundra, the icy Arctic, the Eurasian mountains, and back to the Arctic Circle, little ones will have plenty to look for and learn about as animals appear. Did you know that moose like to live by the water? That walrus tusks can grow up to three feet long? That gryfalcons are the biggest falcons in the world? Who's Hiding in the Snow? is full of informative animal facts that will keep little ones curious and excited for more.

3. Snow Days by Deborah Kerbel & Miki Sato

I know I posted the cover of Snow Days at the top of the post but wanted to repost it here to emphasize how much I love this cover. Miki Sato's illustrations, which incorporate a variety of materials to creature a three-dimensional look, are so much fun.

A board book that highlights the different types of snow and what to do in them Snow Days is a lovely celebration of the wintry season and how children can enjoy nature.


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