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3 Board Books from Babylink

I was actually eyeing these board books in the bookstore right before I received these beautiful copies in the mail from Interlink Publishing. Let's start with Colors in the Garden!

1. Colors in the Garden by Marcos Farina

This is such a beautifully illustrated board book---and I've seen a lot of board books, so I don't say that lightly. A board book that reminds me of Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert, Colors in the Garden similarly helps little ones learn their colors while introducing them to common plants like tulips, dandelions, and daisies. What I particularly like about Colors in the Garden is that opening this board book is like taking a trip to a museum---every illustration is its own piece of artwork and collectively it's like you're looking at an entire art exhibit.

2. Animal Opposites by Marcos Farina

Another board book by Marcos Farina, Animal Opposites keeps that same stylistic rich-color vibrancy as Colors in the Garden, but with animals. From little ants to a big anteater, to a few koalas to many cats, Animal Opposites is full of exciting extremes and a world where the imagination runs wild.

3. Luna and the Moon by Laura Wittner & Illustrated by Pum Pum

Luna and the Moon is a board book that's intended to introduce children to concepts like above, below, far, and near. However, I don't think little ones will pickup on these concepts easily. While the illustrations by Argentinian street artist, Pum Pum are inviting and creative, I think illustrations can get confusing to little ones when there's too much going on. For me, Luna and the Moon had a bit too much going on (illustratively speaking). The two illustrations (below) are definitely two of my favorites though.

Thank you again to Interlink Publishing for sharing these lovely board books with me!

As always, enjoy!


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