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Peter Sís: Two Board Books

After a trip to the Eric Carle Museum last month, I came across Peter Sís's two truck board books (Trucks Trucks Trucks and Fire Truck) and we've really been enjoying them at our house.

The presence of imaginative play is creativity depicted throughout both stories as the first page of Trucks Trucks Trucks shows a boy in his room with all of his toy trucks (or toy firefighter trucks and equipment in Fire Trucks) followed by close-up illustrations of the boy pretending to be a real construction vehicle driver (or in the case of Fire Trucks, a firefighter).

Two lovely editions to our collection of vehicle books!

Also, for those in the greater Amherst Massachusetts area, the Eric Carle Museum's exhibit entitled, The Picture Book Odysseys of Peter Sís will be on view until October 27, 2019. I highly recommend it!

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