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Let's Count Butterflies & Pug is Happy

Receiving books in the mail always brightens my day. Thanks to Pygmy Giraffe Publishing, I received two lovely board books that I am excited to feature!

1. Let's Count Butterflies by Susan Stoltz

As a New Englander, I used to see a lot of monarch butterflies gliding near local gardens or in the yard where I grew up, but as many are already aware, the monarchs are becoming far and few between and just the other day when I saw one, I felt this sudden need to really stop and observe its graceful presence. This beautiful book, Let's Count Butterflies by Susan Stoltz (CEO of Pygmy Giraffe Publishing) is a lovely example of the butterflies in our environment and, hopefully, a reminder of how we can encourage butterfly habitats by providing them with plants that they like.

I also enjoy how Stoltz and illustrator, Cody Hooper-Kaufmann add a new butterfly to every page in addition to the first butterfly. This is different, for example, than Butterfly Colors, which introduces different butterflies on every page but excludes the butterfly that was introduced on the previous page.

A beautifully done publication and one that I'm happy to be able to share!

2. Pug Is Happy by Melissa Bailey

For any one who has a pug, (or any dog!) Pug Is Happy is a very sweet look at a dog's emotions throughout the day. From sad when mom leaves, to worried if she'll ever come home, to excited that she's back, Pug's cycle of emotions will encourage children to identify their own emotions and to recognize that while every day is filled with varying feelings, Pug is well loved and taken care of. So too are the little ones who will cuddle with mommy or daddy and read this book.

Happy reading!

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