• Kelsey Paff

You Are Light by Aaron Becker

Instagram has been abuzz lately with praise for Aaron Becker's You Are Light, and reasonably so! I'm always looking for unique board book finds and this one definitely makes the list. It's not really the type of book you sit down and read per se but rather a book that is constantly being moved around the house to discover light beams through the book's transparent color wheel, or to marvel at the stained glass effect of the front cover as the light shines through to make patterns on the floor.

It is first and foremost a book that draws attention to the light by its natural ability to encourage children to play and interact with the light around them, (simply by experimenting with the book) but the text is sweet too: "This is the light that brings the dawn to warm the sky and hug the feeds the leaves that shade the earth. It brings to life each blossom's birth...this light is you. And you are light."

A really fun book for kids to explore and I've seen a lot of great ideas circulating on Instagram about older children tracing the shadows or drawing their own color wheels inspired by the book. Our daughter especially likes holding it up to the window.

Happy experimenting with light!