• Kelsey Paff

Spot, Spike, Spiral by Sarah Grace Tuttle with illustrations by Miriam Nerlove

I'd like to thank Sarah Tuttle for sending me a copy of her new board book, Spot, Spike, Spiral. I really enjoyed Dot, Strip, Squiggle and was excited to learn of her latest publication. With full-page, vibrant illustrations by Miriam Nerlove, children will love finding spots on a Blue Poison Dart Frog, spikes on a Wattle Cup Caterpillar, or spirals on a snail or curled up snake. The repeated text of "spot spike spiral spot spike spiral" as Tuttle gets her readers into a rhythm is so fun to read and children will quickly catch on to the pattern. But what's coming next? Just when you think you have the words all figured out, Tuttle surprises us with pages of spots and spikes, spots and spirals, and a grand finale of spots, spikes, and spirals!

A lovely book for kids and one that encourages an eye for detail, especially in nature. Are there spots, spikes, and spirals in your backyard?