• Kelsey Paff

10 Board Books for Winter

1. Katy and the Big Snow by Virginia Lee Burton

A classic that no doubt inspired many of the current books out there about hard working tractors, snowplows, diggers, etc., Katy is the story of a tractor who bulldozes in the summer and plows in the winter. When a big blizzard arrives, Katy saves the day as she courageously plows out the entire city.

2. Winter Dance by Marion Dane Bauer with illustrations by Richard Jones

New to board book format, Winter Dance has nature-rich illustrations with crisp lines and an array of oranges, greens, browns, and grays against a gradually snow-covered backdrop. When all the other animals seem prepared for the coming winter, the fox, however, is unsure of what he should do. The caterpillar waits to turn into a chrysalis. The turtle swims down to the bottom of the pond. The bat stays in a cave. The squirrel gathers nuts and stores them away. The geese fly away...but the fox, along with another fox stay out all winter.

3. My First Snow Children by Sibylle Von Olfers

I keep being introduced to more and more picture books published by Floris Books, and the ones I've read so far, do not disappoint. My First Snow Children is the story of a girl named Poppy, and her adventures with imaginary snow children who invite her to visit the Snow Queen in her glittering ice palace. Poppy has a grand time as she attends a tea party with the Snow Princess and goes for a walk in the garden of crystal flowers. When Poppy arrives home she can't wait to tell everyone about her adventures.

4. Pippa and Pelle in the Winter Snow by Daniela Drescher

I know I've shared one of the Pippa and Pelle stories in the past, but they are such lovable books that I had to include this one as well. Written by German author, Daniela Drescher, Pippa and Pelle are two friends who enjoy the seasons together--- in this case, winter. As they head outside they soon make snowballs, take rides on their sledge, meet a deer, build a snowman, and cross-country ski. I love Drescher's signature blue and red-hued illustrations and her ability to highlight just how absorbed children become in outdoor activities; no matter the season.

5. The Storm Whale in Winter by Benji Davies

I remember picking up The Storm Whale when it was first published in 2014 and thought it was such a sweet story. In The Storm Whale, a little boy finds a whale washed ashore who needs rescuing. They soon become friends and while the whale must return to the ocean, little Noi will never forget his friend. In the sequel, The Storm Whale in Winter, this time little Noi is in need of rescuing when he finds himself alone on his dad's fishing boat that's stuck in the ice. But Noi's whale friend hasn't forgotten him as a family of whales gently nudge the boat free and glide it safely back to shore.

6. Bear and Hare: Snow by Emily Gravett

If you're not familiar with the Bear and Hare series, I'm sure many of you are familiar with one of Gravett's other books: Orange Pear Apple Bear, which I also highly recommend!

Hare and Bear are two friends who, like other characters such as Frog and Toad, like to explore and have fun. In winter, they catch snowflakes on their tongues and make snow prints and snow angels (and snow hares and snow bears). They roll big snowballs and little snowballs, and, perhaps best of all, they like to go sledding.

7. Goodnight Songs A Celebration of the Seasons by Margaret Wise Brown

I've posted about the other publication of Goodnight Songs by Margaret Wise Brown, but I was unfamiliar with this one until recently. A book that isn't specifically about winter, but it has two winter-specific poems: Winter Adventure and Snowfall which you can listen to here and here.

There are some illustrations in the book that I'm not crazy about but all and all it is a lovely compilation of poems for little ones to enjoy throughout the year.

8. Snow by Walter de la Mare with illustrations by Carolina Rabei

Part of Walter de la Mare's four seasons, Snow is his latest. Nominated for the British Gate Greenway Medal for exceptional children's book illustrations, it's not hard to see why! Beautifully illustrated with browns, greys, and reds with hints of black alongside a bright snowy background, the text is just as engaging as a wintery poem unfolds.

9. The Book of Winter by Agnese Baruzzi

A simple board book for infants and toddlers about the various items you might find in winter. Tracks in the snow, hot chocolate, cookies, a Christmas tree, a fireplace, snow, a snowman, a scarf, a sled, etc.. I always like to categorize books like this as good on the go books. I'm not sure our one year old will be interested in looking at this book over and over again, but it will definitely attract her interest while driving in the car, waiting at the Dr.'s office, or when we've just come in from outside and she suddenly recognizes that there's an illustration of a hat just like the one she just had on.

10. Annie and the Wild Animals by Jan Brett

I am completely biased when it comes to Annie and the Wild Animals since I have fond memories of my grandfather reading it to me when I was only 3. But then again, who isn't biased when it comes to comparing other books to Jan Brett's? She is amazing! When Annie's cat, Taffy goes missing, Annie attempts to tame a wild pet. Every morning she places a corn cake at the edge of the woods in hopes of finding a new furry friend. But to Annie's dismay, the only animals that arrive are all unfit to be Annie's pet. The moose is too big. The wildcat is too mean. The bear is too grumpy...Annie becomes sad and doesn't think she'll ever find a new friend. Soon, the snow starts to melt and signs of spring start to appear. As all the wild animals head back to the forest where they'll soon be able to find food, Taffy suddenly steps out from the woods, and in her tracks follow three tiny kittens. "Annie would not be lonely anymore."