• Kelsey Paff

Where Is Bear? by Leslea Newman & Valeri Gorbachev

Newly published a couple of months ago, I came across Where Is Bear? during a trip to the bookstore for a much needed leisurely browse. It didn't take long to eliminate a big chunk of shelf with board books that I didn't want to review, but this one jumped out because of its illustrations as well as its content. Children love playing games and for children of board book age, they may or may not be familiar with hide-and-seek yet. If not, this is a fun way to introduce it, and if they are, all the better because now they can relive playing it every time they open the book. As a group of animal friends strike up the game, they'll quickly realize - like all children seem to - that hiding isn't as easy as it looks. But when Fox, Frog, Turtle, Chipmunk, Skunk, Mole, Ladybug, and Snake are found, the friends are puzzled by the absence of one unfound friend. Where is Bear? After much searching and calling, they finally find bear---fast asleep in his cave.

A slightly longer board book than average, but it's a quick read, and I think children will enjoy watching the game unfold as the group of furry friends go searching for the biggest furry friend of them all.

Who's ready to play again?