• Kelsey Paff

New to Board Book Format: The Littlest Family's Big Day by Emily Winfield Martin

Another Emily Winfield Martin book that I can add to the blog!

When a tiny bear family moves into a tree in the wood they soon go exploring. After meeting numerous woodland friends, chasing the breeze, floating on the water, and escaping a thunderstorm, they soon realize that they are lost. But as Emily Winfield Martin shows us, a home is not a home without friends and family, and while the tiny bear family was lost in the sense of becoming separated from their tree, they soon seem to realize that home is not limited to their tree, but rather extends to the community of friends who surround and welcome them. The wood is their home now!

As always, the artwork by Emily Winfield Martin is so visually striking and magical that toddlers will become easily engrossed in the pages. I know I do anyways! I particularly like the baby fox who's a part of the bear family. I'm not sure what made Emily Winfield Martin choose a baby fox to be in the story but I took it to be a heartening symbol of adoption.

Some picture books are praised for their words, others for their illustrations, but when you pick up a book by Emily Winfield Martin, you know you're getting the best of both. Enjoy!