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Look, There's a Tractor! by Esther Aarts

Has anyone come across Look, There's a Tractor! yet? Published this past January, author and illustrator, Esther Aarts has made such a cheerful-looking book. A book that's great for the 0-2 age range, children will love trying to find the hen that's gone missing as the farmer and his tractor drive through the fields looking for her. Along the way they'll see some spotted cows, a bunny rabbit, some pigs, a horse with a rosette, some sheep, and last but not least, some chicks! Hmmm, I wonder if the hen is near by?

A really sweet little book---and with spring finally here, it seemed like the perfect book to review.

Also, if you like this one, you might also like, Look ,There's a Rocket, Look, There's a Helicopter, and Look, There's a Submarine.

Happy spring!

Look, There's a Tractor!
Look, There's a Tractor!
Look, There's a Tractor!

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