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Good Night, Baby Moon by DK Publishing

Good Night, Baby Moon

Good Night, Baby Moon introduces children to the basic concept of the moon cycle as a colony of rabbits gaze up at the sky and wonder why the moon has changed. As they wait and watch, wait and watch, the rabbits realize that while the moon may seem to disappear, it always returns.

A creative way to represent the brightness of the moon, the book's pallet of deep blues, greens, and purples, offset by the dark silhouettes of the rabbits, gives the book a fairytale-like appearance. My only complaint is that while the book provides some of the terms for the moon cycle -- full moon, half moon, and crescent moon, it does not provide an entire list of the terminology in the back of the book, which I think it should. But it's easy enough to get out some paper and draw the moon cycle for your child with the basic terminology (like the image below).

Moon Cycle

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