• Kelsey Paff

Cook in a Book: Pizza!

Some of you may have already come across this book in the bookstore, or heard of Cook in a Book: Pancakes, but I only recently came across it and it's been an instant hit with our son. Like its prequel, Cook in a Book: Pancakes, the book has a number of interactive components from pulling down a tab to pour flour, to moving a spoon back and forth to stir ingredients, to squishing pizza-like dough under a plastic surface, or turning a dial to set the right oven temperature. A great little board book for introducing children to the pizza making process, and I especially like that it provides a list of ingredients and measurements for preparing a real pizza. And thanks to the step-by-step visual instructions by Lotta Nieminen, you and your little one won't even need YouTube!

Whether you're making a real pizza or an imaginary one, at the heart of the book is a message that encourages all families to include children in the meal-making process. And after all, a meal made with the help of tiny hands is the best one.

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