• Kelsey Paff

Let's Bake!

Good recipes should have good instructions. Pancakes: An Interactive Recipe Book gives us just that -- an easy to follow, hands on cookbook that makes virtual baking nearly just as fun as the real, get-your-hands-messy baking process. With vibrant colors on every page, illustrator Lotta Nieminen brings us a book with enough artistic flare to make any toddler's morning start off on the bright side, no matter how the pancakes turn out.

With spoons and whisks already in motion (think dancing pots and pans from Disney's Beauty and the Beast), the book's energetic feel keeps toddlers eager for more.

And unlike most interactive board books that simply have children lifting flaps, Pancakes has kids pulling tabs and turning wheels as flour is poured or eggs are whisked.

As a final surprise, children can pop out a single, silver dollar pancake disk from one page and place it on a stack of pancakes on the next. But if you're still craving a yummy mouthful of real pancakes, you can always follow the recipe.

Don't forget the syrup!

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