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Goodnight Little One

Goodnight Little One by Margaret Wise Brown

We all know Margaret Wise Brown's most celebrated works like Goodnight Moon, My World, and The Runaway Bunny, but I'd never heard of Goodnight Little One until recently. What a lovely little story, especially since Margaret Wise Brown never ceases to impress the reader with her rhyming.

Little donkey on the hill, standing there so very still. Making faces at the skies, little donkey close your eyes. Little monkey in the tree, swinging there so merrily. Throwing coconuts at the skies, little monkey close your eyes....Little pit that squeals about, make no noises with your snout. No more squealing at the skies, little pig now close your eyes...

Illustration by Rebecca Elliott

Illustrator, Rebecca Elliott also does a beautiful job of capturing the sleepy mood of the story with her dimly lit illustrations and close-ups of cozy cuddles.

Illustration by Rebecca Elliott

Goodnight little one!

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