• Kelsey Paff

Goodnight, Goodnight Sleepyhead

Goodnight, Goodnight Sleepyhead by Ruth Krauss (illustrations by Jane Dyer) is such a lovely bedtime story. With absolutely adorable illustrations, Jane Dyer draws the reader into a dreamy series of interactions between a little girl and her surroundings.

Reminiscent of Goodnight Moon, the little girl says goodnight to all of her friends -- or more specifically, she says goodnight to a feature of her cuddly friends. "Goodnight eyes. Goodnight nose. Goodnight fingers. Goodnight toes..." And of course, if you're going to say goodnight to all of your playthings, you mind as well say goodnight to the furniture -- walls, windows, and door -- as well. "Goodnight windows. Goodnight door. Goodnight walls. Goodnight floors. Goodnight chairs..."

A story that not only makes saying goodnight to your eyes, nose, fingers, and toes a special bedtime routine, but a story that emphasizes the preciousness of a child's uninterrupted, peaceful sleep. A child's day may be chaotic -- or so it would seem sometimes -- but at the end of the day all is right in the world when a child and her surroundings are harmoniously at peace.