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Hello Baby!

Hello Baby! by Mem Fox

Hello Baby by Mem Fox is a fun little guessing game for you and your little one as the book asks the baby, "Who are you?"

In a series of rhymes, Fox presents the child with a variety of possibilities. "Are you a monkey with clever toes?" "Perhaps you're a porcupine, twitching its nose." "Are you an eagle, exploring the skies? Perhaps you're a gecko with rolling eyes."

Exhausting all of the different what-are-you possibilities, Fox concludes with, "...who are you, baby? Wait, let me guess---are you my treasure? The answer is yes!"

Illustration by Steve Jenkins

A book with intriguing illustrations by a Caldecott honor medalist, Steve Jenkins' illustrations have layers of texture and detail that make them unique in their own right but also very reminiscent of Eric Carle. A perfect introductory book to a variety of animals---a monkey, a porcupine, an eagle, a gecko, a lion, a hippo, a leopard, an elephant, a warthog, a crocodile, a zebra, and an owl, Hello Baby is also sure to encourage lots of animal sound making.

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