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Digger Man!

N with his Digger Man book by Andrea Zimmerman

"Dida, Dida, Dida" has to be one of our son's favorite words. While many people might assume he's saying "Dada," what he's really saying is "Digger, digger, digger." He loves anything to do with construction at the moment, but he especially loves diggers.

Digger Man is a very cute story and has quickly become one of N's bedtime favorites. The story of a boy who calls himself digger man, the boy imagines what it would be like to own a real digger.

With his real digger he'll wear a hard hat and boots, he'll scoop up rocks, he'll push mud, he'll dig holes to make a pond, he'll make dirt hills, and a playground. He'll even give his little brother a ride in the digger. His brother is still too little, but one day he'll teach him how to be a digger man too.

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