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Baby Bear Sees Blue

baby Bear Sees Blue by Ashley Wolff

I am very fond of Baby Bear Sees Blue. A book that captures the infinite curiosity of a child, Baby Bear spends his day asking questions about what he sees, smells, and hears. "At the mouth of the den, leaves dance on a twig. 'Who is waving to me, Mama?' asks Baby Bear. 'That is the oak,' Mama says."

Baby Bear Sees Blue by Ashley Wolff

As Baby Bear recognizes different colors throughout the book (thus the title, Baby Bear Sees Blue) as well as the feel, scent, or sound of a bluejay, a trout, strawberries, or the rumble of thunder, Wolff inadvertently gives children examples of the many ways to observe nature.

A story that will encourage children to examine, to question, and to explore, Baby Bear Sees Blue is also a reminder to parents to cherish the many moments of discovery with your child. They are precious.

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