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Farmyard Numbers

Farmyard Numbers by Dahlov Ipcar

Dahlov Ipcar's Farmyard Numbers is a lovely addition to any child's book collection. With illustrations that have a vintage-poster feel to them, the matte blues, rust reds, chartreuse, turquoise, pink, and orange, make the book stand out from the many number books in a bookstore. The rhyming throughout the book is also nicely done for a board book. "Two horses in the orchard graze through the long warm summer days." "Six big geese with bright orange feet have found themselves a breakfast treat..."

Illustration by Dahlov Ipcar

While there are so many books out there that take place on a farm, a toddler can never get enough of the loud baa of a sheep or the honk honk of a goose, or the concept of numbers. With a variety of opportunities for counting and animal-noise-making, Dahlov Ipcar's Farmyard Numbers is one of my son's many farmyard-book favorites.

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