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Day Dreamers

Day Dreamers by Emily Winfield Martin

A while back I reviewed Emily Winfield Martin's book, Dream Animals, here. (I am so fond of her work that I couldn't stop myself from also reviewing Day Dreamers.)

Like Dream Animals, Ms. Martin does an incredible job of capturing the depth of a child's imaginative mind with her magical illustrations and whimsical, rhythmic text. "They say there are no dragons left and that's the way it seems. To find them you must visit the land of waking dreams."

Illustration from Day Dreamers by Emily Winfield Martin

From illustrations of a squirrel with wings, a three headed dog, a cat fish, a fierce-looking dragon, a seaside kingdom -- that might just "Grow beneath your gaze" -- a girl riding a large rabbit, and much more, Martin shows us the power of uninterrupted thought, of contemplation, and of delving into the world of words and pictures, and how it can lead to the most memorable adventures.

"So listen very closely as you read of all these things. Is it the whispering of pages or the sound of griffin wings? And when you leave, you learn the thing that all day dreamers learn: When you leave the realm of magic beats, they wait for your return."

A book worthy of any bookshelf, Day Dreamers truly captures the attentive curiosity of a child and the possibilities that await. Let's keep on encouraging them.

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