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The House in the Night

The House in the Night by Susan Marie Swanson

I have nothing but praise for The House in the Night. In this 2009 Caldecott Medal winner (for best illustrations, by Beth Krommes), author Susan Marie Swanson shows us that even when it's dark there is light, and, in that light, hope, love, and beauty. "Here is the key to the house. In that house burns a light. In that light rests a bed...." On every page something appears in gold. A key, (illustration below), a lamp, a book, the sun in a book, the moon outside, the stars, etc.---highlighting the things that not only give off actual light, but the things that give light to our lives.

Illustration by Beth Krommes
Illustration by Beth Krommes

With beautiful black-and-white scratchboard illustrations and eloquent verse, The House in the Night is a modern classic for all to enjoy.

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