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Uh-Oh! by Shutta Crum

When two friends set out to have a play date at the beach there's only one word that describes everything that will happen to them---"Uh-oh!" A picture book that alternates between using the word uh-oh and no words at all, Uh-Oh! has a primarily visual narrative. In a series of events -- fallen eyeglasses, a sandy sippy cup, an unexpected visitor, scattered sand toys, a beached crab, or a big wave -- these two friends work out every uh-oh situation in order to make their day at the beach every bit as fun as a day at the beach should be.

Illustrated by Patrice Barton, she captures the reader's attention with her realistic beach depictions---the windy shores, globs of wet sand, curious seagulls, bright sun, crashing waves, and perhaps most importantly, that childhood feeling of being engrossed in an activity for hours and hours on a long summer's day without a care in the world.

My only complaint is that for a book that's meant for the 0-3 age range, I don't think a child under 2 and a half would understand the visual narrative -- in which case, the book would be a series of scattered, intangible "uh-ohs" to that child's ears. However, for a child who will understand the visual narrative, I think they will find it thoroughly enjoyable and amusing.

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