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How Big Is A Pig?

How Big is a Pig by Clare Beaton

How Big is a Pig? is a fun little story. Written and illustrated by Clare Beaton, her felt illustrations are reminiscent of Eric Carle's tissue paper illustrations. Also reminiscent of many of Eric Carle's books is the repetition in How Big is a Pig? In search of the answer to, how big is a pig, almost every page includes the phrase "But how big is a pig?" They say kids love repetition! The rhyming throughout the story adds a nice predictable rhythm to the story as well.

(Illustration below from the page: "Some bees fly high; some bees fly low. But how big is a pig? Tell me if you know!")

Illustration from How Big is a Pig

The best part of the story is that in the end it doesn't matter how big a pig is. The only thing that matters is that the little piglet we see throughout the book finds his mommy. "Some pigs are big; some pigs are small. But this pig is my mom and she's the biggest of us all!" A great little story for children 0-3. I started reading this story to my son when he was an infant---I think the repetition was soothing to him. He now likes to point to the different animals or imitate the sounds that they make (as I'm sure other children will enjoy doing too).

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