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Technicolor Treasure Hunt

Technicolor Treasure Hunt by HVASS&HANNIBAL Studio

This book has been a huge success in our house. In addition to wanting to hear Where's Spot a hundred times a day, my son is constantly bringing me Technicolor Treasure Hunt to read. And I can see why. It's beautifully illustrated with bright glossy colors and provides an array of objects to identify and count. Red watermelon, toadstools, tomatoes, ladybugs, maple leaves, apples, strawberries, chillies, poppies, cherries. (Illustration below.)

From red, to yellow, to pink, to green, to orange, to blue, Technicolor Treasure Hunt has a color theme for every page. As a reader, I was so focused on the different fruits, veggies, flowers, plants, and animals that I actually didn't notice it was a counting book until later (even though the cover says "Learn to count with nature").

Orange is one of my favorite pages. Probably because it reminds me of fall. I particularly like how this book puts objects in nonconventional color-categories like illustrating orange lobsters instead of cooked red ones. Or illustrating pink dolphins instead of grayish-blue dolphins. And yes, there is such a thing as a purple snail and a purple seahorse.

Whether your child is still an infant, talking, almost talking, or already counting, Technicolor Treasure Hunt presents a variety of interactive opportunities for a wide-range of ages. And if your child suddenly starts identifying cherry blossoms, poppies, maple leaves, lavender, violets, and bluebells outside, you'll know why.

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