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It's My Birthday

It's My Birthday by Helen Oxenbury

Our son's birthday was back in February but that hasn't stopped us from reading It's My Birthday.

This is a lovely story about a boy who sets out to make himself a birthday cake. "It's my birthday and I'm going to make a cake" the little boy says. But he needs some help finding the ingredients. In search of flour, salt, butter, milk, eggs, and sugar, the little boy finds friends along the way who are eager to help him make his cake. "I'll get you some eggs," says the chicken. "I'll get you some flour," says the bear. "I'll get you some milk," says the cat. "I'll get you a pinch of salt," says the pig. "I'll get you some sugar," says the dog. And to top the cake off a monkey offers to grab the friends a handful of cherries.

Illustrations by Helen Oxenbury

This story -- while celebrating the child's birthday, also celebrates friendship. The chicken, the bear, the cat, the pig, the dog, and the monkey all help the little boy find his ingredients, and all help him bake his cake. But most importantly, they help make his day a special one.

Illustrations by Helen Oxenbury

With simple, yet captivating drawings, Halen Oxenbury's illustrations are full of personality and charm. A great book to give as a birthday gift or to read over and over again with your little one. The book also includes a cake recipe in the back which is a wonderful addition and could be a helpful resource for classrooms looking to do a cake-baking activity.

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