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Kiss Good Night

Kiss Good Night by Amy Hest

You can never have too many bedtime stories. Kiss Good Night is a beautifully illustrated story about a bear who is waiting for one special thing. Outside it is a dark and stormy night but inside, Mama bear is going about her usual nighttime routine of tucking Sam into bed. "Ready now Sam?" Mama asks. "Oh no" says Sam. "I'm waiting." Mama bear then reads Sam a story, brings him his bedtime friends, and pours him a warm glass of milk. "Ready now Sam?" "Oh no" says Sam. "I'm waiting." Puzzled, Mama bear recites the bedtime routine, "Book, blanket, friends, milk, book, blanket, friends, milk." Finally, Mama bear realizes what she has forgotten."Oh I know! Kiss good night, Sam!"

Illustrations by Anita Jeram

Children and parents will love reading this story over and over again. The repetitive "Ready now Sam?" makes this book both rhythmic and suspenseful for the child. When will Sam be ready for bed? What is he waiting for? All of this suspense leads us to a wonderful moment of Mama bear giving Sam a good night kiss. And you can never have enough kisses. "Again!" cries Sam. And with one more kiss, then two more, then two more, Sam is ready for bed. That kiss not only symbolizes Mama bear's love for Sam but also a peacefulness that has now fallen upon Sam's world. No matter how the wind blows outside, or how the rain falls, Sam is safe and sound because of one very special thing: a good night kiss.

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