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2 Interactive Board Books!

These two board books published by Rise x Penguin Workshop are the kind of board books that help children to not only learn something new, but to see the possibilities in everyday objects that might be around a home or at school. I'll start with This is Music: Drums by Rekha Rajan and illustrated by Tania Yakunova.

Throughout the book children will learn about different types of drums, the sounds they make, and where they originate from. The book then highlights that drums can be found all around us---from a pan in the kitchen, a table, the floor, a refrigerator, or your tummy! Little ones are also given an illustration of four objects: a drums, a slide, a tub, and a cake, followed by the question, "Which of these are drums?" Amusingly, all of them are drums except for...the cake!

Towards the end of the book children are given a surface to keep the beat on. Even the book itself works! A board book that's bound to get little ones excited about making music (cue the toddler!), this board book is also informative and would be an excellent preschool classroom resource. At the back of the book parents can find the names of the drums illustrated throughout the book. It's always nice to have that information in one place.

In This is Music: Horns, the format of the book is similar. With detailed information (but not overly explanatory) little ones will begin to grasp what a horn is and what its characteristics are. Here's an excerpt: "The shiny brass trumpet has three buttons called valves to press and play different noises. Horns make loud sounds when you take a big breath and blow!"

Just like This is Music: Drums, this board book suggests ways for children to get a sense of what it's like to play a horn (and to get excited to play music).

Two entertaining and interactive board books that children will undoubtably enjoy.

Happy reading! Or should I say, happy music making!


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