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15 Board Books for Spring & Easter

With spring and Easter just around the corner here's a list of board books to enhance your spring or Easter-themed shelf for your little one.

1. One Little Egg by Becky Davies & Illustrated by Charlotte Pepper

In this large board book children are presented with pages full of lift-the-flaps and illustrations that will delight for hours. For children who are particularly curious about nature, One Little Egg explores the life cycle of birds beginning with one little egg.

2. Countdown to Easter by Greg Paprocki

Reading Greg Paprocki's Countdown to Easter will dazzle toddlers with its energetic and vibrant illustrations, and there's no shortage of fun to be had as little ones search for 10 bunny rabbits, 9 bumblebees, 8 carrot-shaped cookies, 7 yellow chicks, 6 red flowers, 5 lambs, 4 fancy hats, 3 easter baskets, 2 purple eggs, and 1 easter bunny!

A farm-themed Easter egg hunt with familiar Eric Carle characters, The Very Hungry Caterpillar's Easter Egg Hunt is the perfect board book for a child's first Easter, or for little ones who love the world of Eric Carle and lift-the-flaps!

4. Happy Easter, Little Bunny by Amanda Wood & Illustrated by Bec Winnel

Happy Easter, Little Bunny has a lovely mix of photographs of Little Bunny followed by earthy-toned illustrations by Bec Winnel. Written in rhyme, Little Bunny sets out to find a hidden easter egg.

5. The Honeybee by Kristen Hall & Illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault

New to board book format, The Honeybee may be a bit long for children under 3, but it's a beeautifully (pun intended) illustrated board book that gives kids an introduction to what honeybees do inside and outside of the hive. Full of honeybees with animated facial expressions, The Honeybee gives children a strong foundation for understanding and loving honeybees.

Another board book for spring, Little Caterpillar shows children how caterpillars transform from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

7. The Babies and Bunnies Book by John Schindel & Molly Woodward

Every time I see a new board book by John Schindel and Molly Woodward I get super excited. Complete with photographs that will make you smile and laugh, The Babies and Bunnies Book highlights the similarities between children and rabbits, and let me tell you, it's adorable!

With crocuses and daffodils starting to bloom here in New England, G Is For Garden is an alphabet board book for the budding agricultural enthusiast. Having seen so many alphabet board books I particularly liked the creativity of Q is for quartz.

9. Peek-A-Boo Haiku by Danna Smith & Illustrated by Teagan White

This seasonal lift-the-flap board book is written in the format of a haiku---a type of poem with seasonal references originating in Japan. With detailed illustrations of the richness and liveliness of nature, this is a wonderful board book to encourage families to spend more time appreciating nature.

10. If You Met the Easter Bunny by Holly Hatam

Reminiscent of If You Give A Mouse a Cookie, If You Met the Easter Bunny takes little ones a journey with the Easter Bunny as readers see his burrow with bow ties, easter baskets, favorite foods, and how the Easter Bunny goes on moose rides and does the Bunny Hop.

11. Madeline's Seasons based on the characters created by Ludwig Bemelmans

For those looking to introduce babies and toddlers to Madeline, this is a board book for you! With an incorporation of classic text from the original Ludwig Bemelmans books, Madeline's Seasons is a charming board book for spring, and all of the seasons!

12. Ducks! by Deborah Underwood & Illustrated by T. L. McBeth

A board book that's bound to bring out some giggles, Ducks! is a humorous board book about a duck who initially can't find his duck family.

13. Five Little Easter Bunnies by Martha Mumford & Illustrated by Sarah Jennings

Inspired by the original characters by Laura Hughes, Five Little Easter Bunnies follows five bunnies as they set out on their Easter egg hunt. With illustrations that take children into a world of landscapes, ducks, horses, and a fair with yummy, yummy treats, I've yet to pick up a board book by Martha Mumford and Sarah Jennings that I haven't liked.

14. Little Chicks by Taro Gomi

An adorable board book about chicks who run, they run together, they run in the rain, they run in the grass, they run and take a ride, and then run all the way home. The only thing missing in this board book is the parents running after them! Because of course, that's why we do!

15. Happy Easter, Little Pookie by Sandra Boynton

Since it wouldn't be a holiday without a board book from Sandra Boynton, here's Happy Easter, Little Pookie! While this one isn't my favorite from Boynton, the illustrations are always amusing and the characters are always memorable.

Happy spring and happy Easter!


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